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About Us

Interest in and growth in extended reality (XR) technologies, such as virtual, augmented, immersive and mixed reality) continues to surge. New and accessible XR technologies, more affordable devices and increasing use of XR is cumulating in opportunities to immerse people in more informative, entertaining, vivid and impactful experiences.

At Ethar™ we are dedicated to making XR experiences accessible to all and to addressing the challenges faced by creators, developers, users and brands by providing a safe and secure platform that provides…

  • An easy way to discover, manage and share content
  • An easy way to publish, promote and monetize content
  • Effective privacy, security and data rights management
  • XR asset integration

The Ethar™ platform is unique in that it connects creators, developers, publishers and users so they all can realize their vision and see the impact of XR—and also monetize their assets. What’s more, developers in particular are able to build once for a variety of platforms and devices using XRTK.

We also know how important it is to let the world know what people are interested in and what they made. That’s why on the Ethar™ platform, users can make-it-social and invite participants into a social immersive experience across any device.

At Ethar™, our aim is to connect XR experiences to users and users to XR experiences for the next generation of the immersive Web.

Out team has unique insight and perspective on the next generation mobile and immersive web and what elements need to align to go beyond 3D images and typical AR experiences to cross-platform, multi-source content that will catalyze the growth and impact of XR to the benefit of creators, developers, users and brands. We created Ethar™ to solve challenges faced today, to meet the growing market need for innovative XR content creation and use, and to set the stage for the next generation of mobile and web.